The EMSSTAR Group is a progressive and innovative firm specializing in national and international EMS/trauma system development, integration, and evaluation. The firm brings extensive experience in system development with governmental agencies at the Federal, State and local level, as well as with public and private service providers. Experience with the legislative process with the U.S Congress, and with regulatory, technical assistance, and funding authorities within Federal and State government provides unparalleled support. Because of recent experience with national projects that attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of emergency medical services and chart and ”create" the future of EMS within the United State's Health care system, The EMSSTAR Group is uniquely qualified to provide guidance in progressive system design and development, and evaluation.

Through the use of the expert panel technique The EMSSTAR Group identifies and assembles teams of national experts in the target area to address and resolve specific issues in EMS system delivery. The EMSSTAR Group has significant experience in system assessment and problem solving and utilizes nationally recognized EMS expertise with representation from various models of EMS. The EMSSTAR Group represents the cutting edge of systems integration, development, and progressive national EMS leadership. The EMSSTAR Group’s clients include state governments, federal agencies, private organizations, public and private EMS providers and systems, hospitals, and foreign governments.

The EMSSTAR Group corporate offices are located in Annapolis, Maryland, a historic town on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay. This strategic location is 25 miles east of Washington, DC, and 20 minutes from Baltimore Washington International Airport. This places The EMSSTAR Group close to the seat of the U.S. federal government and readily accessible to national and international flights for travel in and out of Baltimore. Many EMSSTAR projects are coordinated at our corporate offices in Annapolis, while a significant portion of our work is performed on site.

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Phone number: 410.268.3036